First time author Keysha Dale brings you her story of hitting what she thought at the time was her rock bottom, but learning that sometimes your best blessing are not when you have made it to the top, but when you are at the other end of the spectrum. Sometime you have to hit your Rock Bottom to understand success. Keysha Dale shares her inspirational story of her journey to her own Rock Bottom Succes. For some rising to the top of their careers takes a lifetime to attain. For others it takes very little time at all. Keysha Dale was a shining star in healthcare administration when her lack of maturity caused her to do the unthinkable. ROCK BOTTOM SUCCESS chronicles the life and career of a young trailblazer who despite a degree from Howard University and a promising leadership role at a prominent geriatric healthcare facility, decidedly walked away from it all bases on principle alone. The lessons learned as she struggled through her own rock bottom gave her the tenacity not only to excel again but to share her pearls of wisdom with other young women.